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Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Owen Alexander has arrived!!

Baby Owen Alexander HAS ARRIVED!!!
He was born at 11:28 am
Weight: 7lbs 7oz
Length: 19 inches

My sister and brother in-law are adopting this little bundle of joy!!! So excited that he is finally here since his due date was February 2nd. Can't wait to meet him tonight!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Great News!

We thought it was time to update our blog, and what better thing to update it with than the fact Britney is pregnant. The baby will be due May 21, 2012. This is about the biggest thing that has happened to us since we got married and we are excited about it. Britney has been to the doctor a few times and so far so good. We got to listen to the heart beat last week, and then I talked the doctor into a free ultrasound. It was surprisingly easy to do. All we had to say was twins run in Britney's family, so he decided he would do a quick ultrasound to check for two. Britney was a little disappointed, but I was relieved. I have never changed a diaper so I thought it would be good to start out with one kid to learn the ropes.

Seeing the ultrasound and listening to the heart beat was a pretty surreal experience. It is amazing at 12+ weeks the baby is so well formed. There are a lot of new changes happening and making our lives much more interesting. Maybe if we get really motivated we will post more often to keep people updated to an extent, but with our history I wouldn't keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tests, Tests, Tests

Let's see I have less than two weeks of classes left now that today is over. When I say classes I mean it. I have 2 weeks left of my 3rd year, so that means I will be starting my 4th year and that does not take place in a classroom. I 7 six week rotations and 1 rotation off. This is what I have been working towards this for 3 years now. It is a great feeling.

A lot of people think being a Pharmacist means counting tablets from a big bottle and putting them in a smaller bottle. However, this is not the only thing they have been attempting to teach us in school. Here is how I will spend the next year of my life. They tell us this is when all the pieces will fall into place. Something really has to break and I hope that thing is not me. I am very excited for this next year, even though it is very intimidating.

1st Rotation will be my off rotation so I don't officially start until June 27th.

2nd Rotation is the St. Alphonsus Surgery Floor. I might get to see some surgeries but for the most part we will be managing the patients meds on who are recovering from surgery.

3rd Rotation will be at the Terry Reilly Clinic in Nampa. This is an ambulatory care rotation, which just means the patients walk in and out of the clinic. We will get to manage diabetes and be a resource to the clinicians as they see their patients throughout the day.

4th Rotation is a mental health rotation at the Boise VA. This should be very interesting, but challenging at the same time. The medications are not so clean and dry and come along with a lot of side effects that need to be managed.

5th Rotation is a general medicine rotation and the ISU family practice residency. We will be in the clinic and the area hospitals assisting the medical residents in their residency.

6th Rotation will be at the Savon Pharmacy in Caldwell. This will be the retail experience I get. It will be nice to see another chain pharmacy other than walgreens to see a different approach.

7th and final Rotation will be at the West Valley Medical center in Caldwell. This is my hospital pharmacy experience. I am not super interested in working at a hospital, so I hope this is a good experience.

Next stop is graduation, the licensing, and law exams. If all goes well I will be a pharmacist.

Wish me luck and Britney because she is the one who has to deal with me studying and being out and about working. She is great and never complains.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Been a long Time

I thought maybe it was time to give at least an update on what we have been doing lately. It may shock a few people to see our blog jump to the top of their list. We have been surprisingly busy since school started back up again. At least I hope that is the reason. Neither one of us is good at thinking "that was a great experience, lets put it on the Blog." So, it never happens.

I have pretty much a regimented schedule that doesn't vary by all that much. I go to school every day and I work on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Britney works everyday at around 6:45 am and gets done at 3:15. She gets off at a great time but she has to wake up really early to get there before the first kid shows up. She works at a preschool for kids with behavioral problems.

We are now living in our own apartment. We found a nice townhouse apartment close to the downtown area of Meridian, and we like it. It is nice to be on our own again. It was hard having to start paying rent again, but oh well.

I would put a few pictures on here but I had to update my computer and part of the process was erasing the hard drive. I have everything saved on an external hard drive, but I haven't had time to put any of it back on the computer. That's about all we have had time to do. Nothing too exciting, but we are getting closer to being out of school and into real life. I found out I get to stay in the Boise area for my 4th year, and I'll find out this march where I'll actually be doing the rotations. I can't wait to be done. I haven't felt like this since my senior year of High School, but this time it is so much better. Until next time. Maybe it will be sooner but don't count on it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Of Mormon Tour

We had the great opportunity to go on the Book of Mormon tour in Central America. We started off in Mexico City then traveled through Mexico stopping off in several places and then on to Guatemala. After Guatemala we traveld to Honduras for around two days and then went to Guatemala city where we ended our tour. It was a very interested tour. The tour started off a little bumpy due to airplanes being cancelled and everyone going on different planes but ended well, all except for Rob getting sick on the last day. It would take me forever to write down everything that we learned and saw so I will just post a couple of pictures from our tour.

Volunteering at the Dental Clinic

Rob's first time ziplinning.

A very old Guatemalan lady

Guatemala City Temple

A very massive fish.

Volcanic Ash

Temple of the Moon and Sun in Mexico City

Rob's favorite picture that he took of a panther.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Time

Well it has been way too long since we last posted. Sorry. Life has been pretty hectic with moving and just everything else.

So the month of June was amazing. We were able to spend a week with Robs family in Colorado. We all pitched in some money and rented a beautiful cabin. It was great to see all of Rob's family. Everyone was there except for Jess, but he had a good excuse. (he is on his mission in Russia!) Each day a couple would make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, Rob and I decided to make spaghetti. Well being the new cooks that we are, we really didn't know how much spaghetti to cook for 14 people. Well I think the picture explains it all. Holy spaghetti!!!

It also snowed for three days while we were down there. Can you believe it's June!!!!
Here are some other photos from our trip
Britney, Anthony, Megan, and Finlay
Rob posing like a pharmacist.

Bath tub for two

Jason and Lacey

Emily and Ashley

Mikelle, Anthony and Alex went on a treasure hunt. This is what they found buried under some rocks.

It was great to get together as a family!! We all had such a great time. Hopefully we can do this next year when Jess gets home.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're still alive

Well neither of us is very good at updating this blog. Britney has apparently decided that it is her duty to change the background from time to time so I guess she must think it is my job to do the writing. Oh well I guess I can't really complain. I started a blog back in the summer and as soon as I broke my arm that went out the window. Maybe i'll update that one while i'm at it. We'll see how into it I get by the end of this.

We had a great Christmas with our families. We spent the whole time up in Boise this year. We were able to spend time with my parents before they left for Soda Springs and then the rest of the time was with the Richardson's. I got an IPOD touch for christmas with the excuse that I needed it for school. It will be useful when I get going this semester and the next two years, but I am having a lot of fun just playing games on the thing. So far I haven't allowed myself to pull it out in class to play. I haven't been too bored yet. Our break was nice and relaxing most of the time, but it was fun.

When we got home there was some great news in the mailbox for Britney. She got her GRE test results back and it turns out that she passed that dang test that she studied so hard for. Now she just has to decide what she wants to do with her pretty little life. She is having a great time teaching preschool to 3 and 4 year olds in the Small Talk speech pre school and also teaching piano. She now has 5 students.

We'll see how the blogging goes in the future. Maybe the next update will be sooner than 2 months.